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The smart way to capture and convert.

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Alert your team members to new leads that need immediate response through our comprehensive, lead-driven platform.


We deliver modern tools, resources, and an intuitively designed, easy to understand hyper-analytic dashboard.


Measure your lead flow and manage strategic improvements, using our robust tracking system tied to each lead.

Take Your Prospects
From Lead to Lease.

ENGAGE: Reach out to prospects at the right moment and engage with them across multiple channels. Our CRM Platform seamlessly provides prospect-first, intuitive emails and text messaging interactions.

AUTOMATE: Leads are automatically converted into an updatable data card, noting lead source, interactions, and preferences. From there, you can make information available to anyone in your organization to manage and measure.

ASSIGN: Boost productivity with permission-based workflows that allow you to assign leads to multiple leasing agents, thus ensuring efficient communication and an iron grip on revenue-generating prospects.

Power solution to present your community online.

Follow-Up Made Easy

Through the power of our lead management platform, leasing teams can dramatically improve their conversion rates by efficiently managing lead influx from all their marketing sources, increasing overall productivity. Get with the 21st century and track all prospect information and interactions from a comprehensive, central dashboard.

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Manage. Measure.

Managing your community's lead flow can be an overwhelming task for your leasing team, and as we all know, missing any prospect opportunities is not an option. We deliver a comprehensive, cloud-based customer management and communications platform that consolidates walk-ins, emails, and text messages within a single solution. Now, you can foster your relationship with prospects and current residents like never before.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.

Features You Will Love


Leads are captured, organized, and managed inside an intuitive lead management interface.


Exchange real-time text and email messages with your prospects to increase conversion rates and overall satisfaction.


Prospects can be easily assigned to leasing team members for both accountability and closing ratio tracking.


Management is instantly notified of new prospect activity, which allows quick responses to be sent from any device.


Leads are seamlessly and effortlessly synced with your backend system, using our wide-range of software integrations.


Deep analytics allow insight into traffic, leads, and device usage, allowing you to customize your marketing strategy.

Automating Modern Lead Engagement

Our award-winning lead management platform creates the ultimate method for tracking and managing your lead flow. Maintaining high occupancy levels is the engine that accelerates revenue, creates return on investment, and maintains a successful community. We improve productivity by keeping your leasing team engaged with your prospects.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.