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ADA accessibility is seamlessly built inside all interfaces and workflows across every single product we produce.


Equal access to resources and services in the digital world is an ethical responsibility we align with our core values.


Our entire platform is audited semi-annually by third-party IAAP auditors for WCAG compliance certification.

WCAG Certified Platform Crafted to Reduce Risk

Website accessibility has emerged as a significant concern within the multifamily housing sector, with lawsuits alleging that digital content fails to meet accessibility standards gaining momentum. Certified by an independent accessibility firm, our platform complies with the federally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) with semi-annual audits.

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Beyond Compliant

WCAG stands for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which are arguably the most influential protocols shaping web accessibility policy, with extensive guidelines and criteria to make websites accessible to all users. Accessibility is part of usability, and it should be viewed as an ongoing process, where user feedback and evolving technologies play key roles in creating a more inclusive and accessible digital world.


People with disabilities that utilize assistive technology will leave a website immediately if it is not accessible.


The number of websites with low contrast text affects the largest percentage of people with vision impairment.


Percentage of websites that contain detectable WCAG accessibility failures are at high-risk of litigation.

People who develop these services - programmers, technology designers - have an incredible power to increase access for people with disabilities. I hope they use it.
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Haben Girma

Global Advocate

Disability Rights Lawyer

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