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Blog Image November 06, 2018

Achieving Success Through Developing Your Company Culture to Its Fullest Potential

These days, we are all brainstorming, experimenting, and analyzing ways our company can reach its fullest potential. Whether or not you choose to completely write-off company culture as a buzzword, it has the potential to successfully gauge the happiness and productivity of the people working within an organization. It’s like holding a mirror up to your company and evaluating the reflection that you see. But, what defines “good company culture” as opposed to the not-so-good?

Although it may be hard to admit, it is important to consider that most of us will spend more than one-third of our lives in the workplace. This only reiterates the importance of advocating for a positive work environment that allows your team to build solid relationships. A good company culture is reflected in your team’s dedication, performance, and overall job satisfaction. If you’re unsure on where to begin when it comes to company culture, here are a few tips that we’ve found useful in cultivating and fostering a healthy, thriving culture inside our own company.

Hire people who fit the culture.

Company culture starts with hiring people who hold similar values, beliefs, and goals to the ones present in your company’s mission. It is a culture that is people driven, and therefore, when hiring someone new, it is imperative to not only look for education and skill, but also for a cultural fit. As a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, if a team member is unable to align with the company’s mission, they alone can disrupt a thriving team. By taking time to hire people who adhere to the values of your company, everyone is happier, and ultimately, you create a more productive work environment.

It is important to note that it is the people you hire that will be the ones that drive the future of your company. That’s why implementing a good company culture is vital. It encourages a positive environment where people feel like they can learn and grow, and since numerous studies show that work environments directly impact the overall happiness, job satisfaction, and work performance of individuals on your team, it’s a facet of your business you want to nurture. If anything, a good company culture is influential in attracting new talent, as well as being paramount to the progression of the company and its overall success.

Encourage, value, and invest in your team.

Gratitude is one of life’s greatest motivators, and there’s no exception to this rule in the workplace. Having a great team is any company’s biggest asset, and it should never be taken for granted. That being said, a simple encouragement such as, “thank you” or “good job” can mean more to your team than you might realize. It is important to take the time to acknowledge successes and the hard work being done. Acts of gratitude will build motivation and confidence, further empowering your team and increasing job satisfaction and company performance.

While it’s true that the culture of a company is strengthened through the common values we share, it is also important to get to know your team on a personal level. Take the time to listen to their ideas and encourage their unique talents. Invest in the personal growth of team members by giving them the tools, resources, and skills they need to reach new heights. It is important not to forget to recognize any accomplishments and celebrate their successes as well. Like anything, these small actions add up and prove to your team that you really see their significance within your company ecosystem.

Build the foundation for culture to evolve.

Building and strengthening bonds among co-workers is an age-old tactic still highly relevant in our digital world. Even though person-to-person communication seems to have decreased with text messaging and every new download on the latest social media apps, at the end of the day, we’re human beings that continue to thrive off personal interaction. Nurturing the relationship bonds between team members strengthens trust and increases confidence of being able to share ideas without being judged.

Company events can fuel the proverbial motivational fire to unite your team. Getting together on- or off-the-job for activities, parties, or philanthropic events allows people to get to know each other on a more personal level, which also facilitates bonding as a team. These activities are also a great way to boost morale and build comradery, while furthering your team’s communication skills, creativity, and loyalty. Just remember that your team is an important investment. Having fun together is the ultimate way to engage with your team and support a strong company culture.

All in all, company culture is inspired by those working within your company. Like any type of culture, it does not come together forcibly, or at your insistence — but organically through various ideas, customs, and beliefs. It is bound by the personal and working relationships that are formed as well as the steps you’ve all made to progress the company itself. By valuing team members and investing in their success, you will not only evolve your company and its mission, but you will also create a stable environment where talented, hard-working team members feel a sense of belonging and have no trouble seeing their personal value or importance within your company.

About The Author

Melinda M. Kirby is a leader in the women in technology movement and the ultimate go-to people person. She is the Chief Administrative Officer at 365 Connect, the leader in delivering the world's most sophisticated automated marketing, leasing, and resident engagement platform for multifamily communities across the globe.

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