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Blog Image November 10, 2020

Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in Blogging for Your Apartment Website

Content marketing has substantially grown in adoption over the past decade. According to HubSpot, 70 percent of marketers are actively investing in content marketing, spending an upwards of 46 percent of their budget on content creation. While content marketing is comprised of many different facets, blogging is among the three primary forms of media used in content strategies today. In fact, there are more than 600 million blogs currently published across the Internet’s 1.7 billion websites.

Aside from providing your community with valuable content , blogs appeal to your target audience by attracting visitors to your website, lowering your bounce rate, and improving your search engine ranking. No wonder 86 percent of content marketers use blog posts as a part of their digital marketing strategy. Considering that businesses who blog receive a 67 percent increase in leads, there’s no doubt that investing in content marketing is a worthwhile endeavor.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your content marketing journey, here are 3 benefits of blogging that prove this endeavor is worthy of your time and marketing spend.

Blogging Drives Traffic to Your Website

As a company well-versed in industry demands, we often hear the desire for high website traffic as a common ambition among property management companies. Driving traffic to your website is an important first step in attracting leads and introducing them to your brand. The clicks on your blog fuels your organic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and establishes your website as a reputable source of information in the eyes of search giants, like Google. By incorporating blogs into this strategy, your site will not only experience a surge in visitors accessing floor plan information and property photos, but it will also provide relevant content to your prospects and residents. Blog topics, like neighborhood recommendations and lifestyle-related material, demonstrate that your property cares about the well-being of its residents and shows your willingness to engage with them on a personal level.

Blogging is Effective for Long-Term Organic Growth

Sure, blogging might take some time to put into practice, however the effort is well-worth the end result, as it is an effective way of marketing your brand on a long-term basis. Blogs form your organic footprint and will determine which search terms you rank for and where your website is placed within a page of search results. If your content is consistently posted and helpful to users, you can expect these blogs to significantly contribute to your traffic and overall organic strategy after a six-month period. Unlike PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns and other paid ads, which become ineffective the moment you stop paying for them, your organic strategy will stick around – and even improve – the more you nurture it. Luckily, a few simple practices, such as implementing keyword-driven website copy, relevant tile tags, and of course, posting regularly scheduled blog posts, go a long way in establishing a solid organic strategy.

Blogging is an Inexpensive Marketing Investment

Blogging is more budget-friendly than other methods of online marketing. Whether you have a custom-built or templated website, it’s simple to add a blogging portal to your site. Then, it’s up to you to determine if an in-house leasing specialist or outside firm will handle blog planning, posting, and promoting. If you keep the task in-house, there are no better experts on your products, services, and other offerings than your leasing staff. They can become quite informative bloggers, giving your prospects and current residents insight into everything from utility set-up to neighborhood activities. You can also easily find an inexpensive, seasoned vendor that will offer a number of originally written or curated posts per month with an accompanying image. Oftentimes, these blog posts are syndicated to your social media channels for maximum coverage and to drive additional traffic to your site through these platforms.

Blogging may have been on your marketing backburner until this point. With the changing ways we work, play, and even market our businesses, it’s crucial that your community invests in an effective content marketing strategy that will allow you to manage your brand identity, build consumer trust, and connect with new prospects – all in a contactless manner. Simply put, blogging is a tried-and-true enhancer that will increase your website traffic, grow your digital footprint, and benefit your bottom line for years to come.

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Jimmy Lancaster is one of the most well-known engineers on the Silicon Bayou, specializing in custom software development. He is the Chief Product Officer of 365 Connect, the leader in delivering the world's most sophisticated automated marketing, leasing, and resident engagement platform for multifamily communities across the globe.

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