Transform your prospects to residents.

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Turn your website into a full-fledged leasing machine with an automated workflow that streamlines your processes.


Modernize your leasing office by creating a paperless environment, where important documents are digitally expedited.


Digital applications simplify operations, reduce costs, and convert prospects into residents at higher rates.

Meet the Leasing Office That Never Sleeps

CUSTOMIZE: Designed to suit your current criteria and processes, our application platform allows you to customize required fields, modify fees, and request document uploads such as government-issued identification.

TRACK: Monitor applicant progress with our dynamic capture dashboard that follows the applicant’s leasing journey. Permission-based notifications also alert your team when applications are completed.

PROCESS: Leverage the power of automation with our wide array of screening provider integrations and built-in payment processing tools, which automate the entire application process from beginning to end.

Power solution to present your community online.

Workflow Driven

No matter what device prospects apply from, our responsive design applications can be completed from anywhere. Fees can be dynamically changed, co-applicants invited, and users can save and return to in-progress applications without data loss. Transform your application experience into a revenue-generating, conversion machine.

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Comprehensive. Dynamic.

Delivering a fully automated process for accepting online applications, our solution is designed to simplify operations, reduce costs, and enhance the user experience of your prospective resident. In order to make transactions seamless, our platform encompasses integrated payments and screening services, which ease the workload of your leasing staff while keeping your leads satisfied with the onboarding process.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.

Features You Will Love


Fees are displayed throughout the application process with immediate credit card acceptance for instant verification.


Applicants can digitally sign and finalize documents, using a keyboard, a mouse, a stylus, or even their fingertip.


Required documents such as proof of income and government identification can be directly uploaded by the applicant.


Our dynamic platform allows you to update your application and administrative fees in real-time with little effort.


Our wide range of software integrations merge with your screening provider, allowing you to make instant decisions.


The application dashboard clearly displays the status of every rental application in progress to simplify your workload.

Simplifying The Conversion Process

Each document is dated, time-stamped, and tagged to the person in your organization who uploaded it, so you can track all workflows to ensure efficiency. Files are also backed up with each uploaded version to give you a complete picture of any changes. With our solution, you’ll be at the forefront of all updates, encouraging cohesion in your property’s processes.

365 Connect is Adaptive and Intuitive.