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365 Connect Named Among International Technology Innovators in Software as a Service Awards Program

NEW ORLEANS, LA - 365 Connect, a leading provider of award-winning marketing, leasing, and resident technology platforms for the multifamily housing industry, announced today that the company has made the SaaS Awards Program list for Best Customer Relationship Management SaaS Product. This prestigious international accolade recognizes 365 Connect’s capabilities to deliver innovative and creative solutions to meet the rapidly-changing needs of the multifamily housing industry.

This year, the Cloud Awards was augmented with the SaaS Awards recognition platform to more fully represent the breadth of cloud services available as software solutions. Specifically, the SaaS Awards recognizes excellence and innovation in the scope of cloud-based “solutions as a service” and honors SaaS solutions by celebrating the leading companies throughout the world.

“The SaaS Awards, unlike the long-running Cloud Awards, which takes a more holistic approach to celebrating excellence in cloud services, is a recognition platform specifically for software solutions. Frankly, it’s about time: in a maturing international marketplace for cloud services, SaaS has proven to be the poster boy for leveraging thin-client technologies, while ensuring end-users are always working at the cutting edge,” said SaaS Awards and Cloud Awards organizer Larry Johnson. He continued, “After a lot of hard work, we are thrilled to be able to announce those that made the list - a collection of some of the brightest and best solutions in the SaaS space today. It is exciting to see such a varied mix of the excellence and innovation that quite literally covers the globe.”

365 Connect was recognized by the SaaS Awards for its revolutionary Lead Management Platform it provides to the multifamily housing industry. The platform empowers a community’s leasing team with the tools to nurture, track, and manage lead flow. It allows a streamline conversion process by delivering action-driven lead funnels, integrated applications, and the backend tools to respond to every interaction in any format, from any device.

365 Connect Founder and CEO, Kerry W. Kirby, stated, “365 Connect is pleased to have its technology platform acknowledged on an international level, and we are truly honored to receive recognition alongside renowned names in the technology industry. The acclamation we received from the SaaS Awards emphasizes our mission to delivering leading-edge technology to enable our clients to optimize the leasing process, reduce marketing spend, and serve their residents after the lease is signed.”

To date, 365 Connect has received a total of 41 national and international awards, symbolizing the company’s dedication to delivering leading-edge technology. The 365 Connect Technology Platform is highly recognized by its peers for its unique ability to market communities across the Internet, automate social media, and deliver device-friendly platforms to prospects and residents to transact business. Today, 365 Connect’s innovative technology platforms are utilized across the nation, aiding multifamily housing operators by providing them with the ability to manage their marketing, leasing, and resident services from a single sign-on interface.

About the SaaS Awards: The SaaS Awards is a sister program to the Cloud Awards, which was founded in 2011. The SaaS Awards focuses on recognizing excellence and innovation in software solutions. The Cloud Awards is an international program which has been recognizing and honoring industry leaders, innovators and organizational transformation in cloud computing since 2011. The awards are open to large, small, established and start-up organizations from across the entire globe, with an aim to find and celebrate the pioneers who will shape the future of the Cloud.

ABOUT 365 CONNECT: 365 Connect delivers the world's most sophisticated automated marketing, leasing, and resident engagement platform for multifamily communities across the globe. Designed to modernize transactions that empower people, the platform executes processes that accelerate operations and minimizes human intervention. Founded in 2003 with an unwavering commitment to connect people with where they live, 365 Connect is built for renters, management teams, and today's changing world. Learn how we are ready for what’s next at